Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Fearless Freaks

I had a great four day weekend and now I'm sluggish to get back to my routine. We did our annual fourth of July camp out and made a bonfire and shot some firecrackers. I have never woken up to a rooster in the morning but Saturday was the first. We didn't like it too much so we shot some BB guns at him to scare him away. Afterwards I BBQ'd with the family and shot some more firecrackers. The next day I was back at my apartment where we shot even more firecrackers and watched the Universities fireworks show. We have leftovers and I'm guessing we'll be waking up the neighbors in the next couple of weekends to come. I have two finals this week and lots of reading and studying to do to prepare for them. Then two days break and another semester begins with two more classes.

I finally got a hold of that new Flaming Lips song from the upcoming album and the Wedding Crashers soundtrack. Its alright, good production but I do expect more from the Lips. Its been around the blogosphere but I always get there too late to a dead link. Also a track from the Sponge Bob movie soundtrack from the Lips.

Also check out the live Flaming Lips mp3s on, Fearless Freaks
Here is a trailer for the documentary Fearless Freaks, about the Flaming Lips. I'm thinking about getting it from but I haven't made up my mind.


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