Sunday, June 26, 2005


I just got back from my Political Sciences International Relations exam. I studied enough but there is always those questions where you think to yourself I didn't look at every detail when studying. The hardest part is this Game Theory bs. The diagram didn't really have to do with Political Science but there is a relation. Its just mental calculation of a word problem and then making charts and business strategies and fixed costs and on and on and on. Its easy but the instructor makes it so hard. Lot of people are dropping this class though, its kind of scary. The way I see it is that they payed for it and if they are going to drop now with an automatic fail they might as well get their moneys worth and maybe pull a miracle or just learn some more for when you retake the class. But thats easy to say. I can't do without my daily rant.

This past Saturday and Sunday have been all about Caribou. Not the animal but the music. I did some mp3 house cleaning in my music files and I found the new Caribou album I never listened to. Now its one of my favorites of this year.

Dan Snaith's Manitoba project is back with a new name but his hypnotic music hasn't changed. Caribou, like Manitoba, is still heavy on electronic jam sessions, with peculiar swirls of sound and stoned instrumental wanderings leading you who-knows-where.

File Under: Indie Electronic, Electronic, Layered Instrumental,

Caribou - Pelican Narrows
Caribou - Hello Hammerheads
Caribou - Air Doom
Caribou - Crayon
Caribou - Brahminy Kite
Caribou - Barnowl

Also the record label The Leaf Label's site has some interesting music videos by Caribou and some more songs to listen to. There are also lots of mp3s to choose from by other artist on the label.


At 12:37 AM, June 28, 2005, Anonymous Anthony said...

Caribou kicks ass!
Especially the "Hello Hammerheads" track.

There is another track called "Subotnik" on the CD - is that a socialist reference, I wonder?

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