Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Looks like the Smashing Pumpkins might be reuniting but there is another reunion that I care about much more, The Promise Ring are reforming for one performance. Hopefully this one off performance will turn into a permanent reunion. I used to listen to TPR in high school, back in the day when emo was something else. I know that none of the members have anything really big going on musically so a full reunion with new material might happen. Maybe.

The Promise Ring will reunite on stage to raise money for a Chicago charity.

Organizers of the Flower15 event announced the Minneapolis emo legends will reform for a set at Chicago’s Metro. While a date hasn’t been pinned down, yet, the event stretches from Nov. 8 to Nov. 15. The Promise Ring splintered in 2002, shortly after its Wood/Water(Anti) hit stores.

The Promise Ring - Why Did We Ever Meet
The Promise Ring - Pink Chimneys
The Promise Ring - Electric Pink
The Promise Ring - Best Looking Boys
The Promise Ring - Deep South
The Promise Ring - Red & Blue Jeans
The Promise Ring - Skips a beat
The Promise Ring - Happiness is all the rage
The Promise Ring - Picture Postcard
The Promise Ring - East Texas Ave

According to Jade Tree;

Dan Didier
Milwaukee’s best drummer and a diligent Bob Villa wannabe, Dan is constantly upgrading the duplex he owns with his wife.
Scott Beschta
Scott can be a hard man to find. We think he can be found working at a record store in Milwaukee, but that is just our best guess.
Jason Gnewikow
A busy graphic designer for his own projects, as well as acts like Jimmy Eat World, Jason has moved to New York City to hang out, rock some jams, and make the scene.
Scott Schoenbeck
Scott is the proud papa of a baby girl and bassist for Dashboard Confessional.
Davey vonBohlen
Currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he is married, plays a lot of Playstation, and watches way too much ESPN Sportscenter.


At 12:57 PM, June 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Electric Pink rocks my socks

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