Tuesday, June 14, 2005

For Real

My computer is lame. Its pretty good for today's technology, I have a fast processor, a good amount of ram, the video card is adequate, I have lots of hard-drive space and a nice collection of files. But then there comes these stupid little twitches my computer does. Like randomly it won't open any webpages like I have no internet connection but as soon as I restart I have access again. Right now I'm using Real Player as a browser because it seems to be the only thing immune to this. Sure I can restart and get Firefox/Netscape working but that's a lot of work. Yesterday I was moving files from one hard drive to another and my computer crashed repeatedly. Especially when I used winamp afterwards. But Realplayer is here to the rescue. Its no where near as good as winamp for audio or Firefox as a browser but it works. This post of music is dedicated to the under appreciated Realplayer, my favorite video player because it is so versatile, my to the rescue audio player and back up browser.

Q and Not U had Power that came out last year, it had this incredible song Wonderful People and I expected the whole album to sound like that and when it didn't I didn't give it a good listen. Eventually I listened to it again and realized they do have other great tracks in there. There is great energy on this album as with their others and it gets better everytime you listen to it.

Q and Not U - Wonderful People

Q and Not U - Wet Work

Also some music from Family Guy... the animated series; here


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