Wednesday, June 22, 2005



I missed Rilo Kiley on the Late Late Show, arg. I knew about it but I was watching the NBA Finals expecting the Spurs to take the game and drank some wine while watching and passed out early. Actually I went to lay down as they were playing on Craig Ferguson... I'm guessing. Then I also missed the Ravonettes on Carson Daly. Anyway today comedian Demetri Martin is going to be on the Late Late Show on CBS and The Futureheads on Jimmy Kimmel ABC. Thursday Ben Folds is going to be on Letterman. SNL is going to rerun the Will Ferrel episodes from very recently. Pretty good stuff. That's my TV notes for the week.

Today I went down to the ol' biblioteca and checked out some local (Denton) artists albums. I shall be enjoying Centro-matic, South San Gabriel, Little Grizzly and compilation of Denton music. The only reason I picked up the compilation is because there is a song by a guy name Corn Mo and the song is Denton Girls (update, its a new wave song?). Either its going to be really funny or lame because they are trying to be funny. I couldn't find the Baptist Generals which is surprising since they were from Denton.

Anyway that's todays rant.

Rap and R&B folder ....I recommend Commons, Be and maybe some Nas.

Also here is "The Go! Team (b-sides)" from their debut album which is being redone and released in the US.


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