Thursday, July 07, 2005


Couple years back in 2001 I heard Dntels album Life Is Full of Possibilities and thought it was amazing and had to find more material by him and found out about his old band Figurine. Figurine was a project of pre-Postal Service Jimmy Tamborello aka Dntel. The trio of high school friends took up the names David Figurine, James Figurine, and Meredith Figurine and created synth heavy indie pop.

The trio of David Figurine, James Figurine, and Meredith Figurine, inspired by the likes of Aphex Twin and Depeche Mode, set out to produce a new kind of synth-based indie pop. Creating all the music on computer, the trio collaborated via e-mail, as the group was scattered across the United States. --- allmusic guide

They put out two albums and few remixes here and there and ceased to exist. Their album The Heartfelt was re-released this year on March Records and is worth a listen if indie synth-pop is your thing.


Figurine - IMpossible
Figurine - Way too good
Figurine - New Mate
Figurine - An electronic address
Figurine - So Futuristic
Figurine - Virtual Reality Suit
Figurine - Bonus


Figurine - IMpossible


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