Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hold On

I'm really digging the new Minus Story as I mentioned previously. Its one of my favorites of this year, its worth picking up. I had this song stuck in my head all day which makes it worthy of a post.

Minus Story - Hold On

I would never thought I would ever hear a band as big as the Foo Fighters cover a Jawbreaker song but alas it has been done. Jawbreaker opened for Foo Fighters ages ago when they were still together in the mid 90s. I always thought the Foo Fighters might of been fans of Jawbreaker, which this song confirms. This is one of my favorites by Jawbreaker, a true classic only initially released on a compilation, covered by the Foo Fighters on the Best of You single.

Foo Fighters - Kiss The Bottle (Jawbreaker Cover!)

I think the vocals are too nice guy for this song.


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