Thursday, December 01, 2005

BBC: Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog'

How could I not post this.

"Squirrels have bitten to death a stray dog which was barking at them in a Russian park, local media report...They are said to have scampered off at the sight of humans, some carrying pieces of flesh."

Watch out.

read the full story


At 9:32 AM, December 02, 2005, Blogger goodaudra said...

Voxtrot is playing tonight at the cavern, the bar off Lower Greenville.

At 6:41 AM, December 03, 2005, Blogger b said...

yea i heard, are you going

At 8:07 AM, December 05, 2005, Blogger goodaudra said...

the show was canceled due to tour van probs. but i tried


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