Monday, November 28, 2005

New songs by the Advantage and Two Gallants

There are few albums that I'm looking forward to next year and one of those is the new Two Gallants album. I've only heard a handful of songs by them and posted a few but I'm not sure what to expect on the album other than this one song that's been floating around the blogosphere lately. Its been getting a lot of rotation in my car.

Two Gallants - Las cruces jail

Also featured in Las cruces jail 7'” Single out on December 6, 2005

The Advantage, self proclaimed "8 BITNintendo band--serious dudes that rock with good nintentions", is coming out with a new album Elf-Titled for all you nostalgic video game nerds out there. One of my friends called their first album his favorite release of 2004 and I just looked at him puzzled because I really trusted his musical taste. I guess no one is perfect. I'm not saying its crap I just can't rank a covers album too high.

From Elf-Titled
The Advantage - Goonie 2:wiseman


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