Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Edan's Beauty and the Beat

I got a recommendation from one of my friends who has an ear for good hip hop. He told me that lately he was listening to Edans Beauty and the Beat and said that it was his favorite hip hop release of the year. The first thing that I noticed when I heard this album was the production. It's unlike what you normally hear on a hip hop album released in 2005. His music as well as his production has a combination of old school and psychedelic which makes this album work as well as it does. The first single, Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme got me, it seeps into your brain with that hook and that voice. See for yourself:

Edan - Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme

The album'’s lead-single "Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme", a track which true Hip-hop enthusiasts and historians will not only appreciate, but ultimately debate is a perfect sample of what "‘Beauty And The Beat"’ has to offer.


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