Thursday, November 10, 2005

Videos: Pinback, CocoRosie, Dirty 3 w/ Chan Marshall

I was browsing the Touch & Go website and found these. I would of pointed you to the Touch & Go video section but I didn't like the setup, a pop up comes up and you know the routine. I'm just picky.

Pinback - Fortress (via) This is my favorite of the three, it features a fantasy world with love and war between two fortress rulers, a unicorn and dancing. Not in that order.

Dirty Three with Chan Marshall - Great Waves If I were to hear this song without any introduction I would say it was from Chan Marshalls last album, You Are Free with the drums especially, not so much the layered guitars. I haven't listened You Are Free in a while but I have been listening to her new one, The Greatest. Its good but I wouldn't call it the greatest.

CocoRosie - Noah's Ark This the one song that I identify with when I think of CocoRosie. This videos theme is yet another fantasy world but this time without the storyline and more jumping.


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