Sunday, October 30, 2005

John Vanderslice & The National invade Denton

Friday night John Vanderslice came into my favorite venue in Denton, Haileys, with The National. I never really listened to the National so I thought I should brush up on them before the show but I could only find few songs. I wish I came in earlier because they sounded great but I did get to catch probably a majority of their set. One highlight that I wish I could of gotten a picture of was a (probably drunk) guy who was sitting in the very front of the stage, totally air drumming with The National the whole time. I mean he wasn't just drumming, he was getting into it. I don't blame him, their drummer was pretty good.

The National - Wasp Nest
The National - Cold Girl Fever
The National - Slipping Husband

Then John Vanderslice took stage backed up with a 3 piece band. He played all the songs I wanted to hear minus Coming and Going on Easy Terms and Peacocks in the Video Rain. But I can't really complain after hearing, White Plains, Mansion, 424, They Won't Let Me Run, Speed Lab and some others I don't remember. In the beginning of the set he said he had a special guest who was going to help them out on one song. He mentioned it again and I narrowed my choices down from the local scene of who he was going to bring on stage and was completely wrong. He brought up Midlake singer Tim Smith on stage to rip it on the tambourine, the boys got skills. Not really, it was pretty unnecessary but I enjoyed it. Did I take any pictures you ask, yes. How did they turn out, not the best considering the lighting (anything to distance myself from my poor photography skills).

The National

This guy chain smoked the entire time, maybe that's the secret to his smooth voice

John Vanderslice

I just came back from Iron & Wine and Calexico, I'll post that tonight or Monday.


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