Monday, November 07, 2005

Lots of words, or Bar Fight, TV heads up, and two songs

I had a very nice weekend full of craziness. Friday we went to as my friends would say, "the most ghetto bar in Denton" after all the booze in our apartment ran low. It was shady but the drinks were cheap and I could play foosball in a lit room. While I was playing said foosball, I heard loud yelling but I was in the game so my surroundings didn't matter as much. But then yelling turned into 4 guys holding one girl back from beating up a large guy who just sat their and smiled like he was opening presents on his birthday. That passed, so I got focused again on the game and then I feel someone bumping against me violently so I stop playing to check it out. The bar fight that almost happen was happening 3 inches away from me. Girl bar fight though, lots of hair pulling and word play. So the bar shut down and we finished our drinks and left as the cops got there. While we walked out someone threw a stone at a cop and he drew out his gun and pointed it around. No one saw were it came from so they were pretty mad. Other than that, one of my friends got punched in the face, another got arrested, some homeless guy tried to get in my car randomly and I fell asleep with Meatloaf next to me. The food not the guy. That was just Friday, Saturday is when things got crazy.

Anyway it was an insane weekend which left me so out of it on Sunday to study for my test of Monday so I woke up way too early today. Damn Mondays.

Mondays just got better though, Arrested Development is back with new episodes finally. They were suppose to be back last Monday but they changed that and now today they are showing a full hour of AD. You know I'll be Tivoing recording with my VCR.

Dead Science - Dirty Magneto
"...abrasive, sometimes unsettling doses of avant classical, free jazz, and other musical esoterica...Combining the hyper-active looseness of improvised music with the economical arrangements of classic pop" - insound

Coach and Four - Girl Arms[ysi]
I swear this is the closest thing to Weezer you can get without actually being Weezer. If it were, it would definatley be Blue album era.

That was a lot of words, its that kind of day warranting that kind of post.


At 12:23 AM, November 08, 2005, Blogger -jkg said...

nice site. and im loving arrested developement.

oh, and that k fed track has an interesting beat, that would probably be heated with a nicer cat on the mic, but as it is its a crime.

someone needs to shank that fool in the eye for that one

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