Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Capes

How lame does a band have to be to only post a "taster" or "snippets" of songs for their fans or future fans to listen to. I can't post a "taster", that's just not my style and no one jams to a "snippet". Free publicity 101: post at least one song and a bio/info on your band on your official website. I'm resourceful so before I gave up on The Capes I downloaded the album so I can have something to post. I'm sorry guys, you cornered me into it.

Before I go further, let me say that The Capes probably aren't lame, I know little about them from their lack of bio on their website so I shouldn't judge. They do however write catchy guitar'd indie rock laced with synthesizers and I can infer from random stuff I read about them that there is two songwritters since they are currently on an acoustic tour of the US with only two members present. But I could be wrong. Also I know there are 5 Capes, not the garment but the band, although having 5 garment capes would be nice. I can also infer that they are from the UK from their url ending with co.uk and the british accent but I am not a linguistic expert. According to their myspace page, they are from South London so I'm sure thats accurate but is mypace really a credible source?

Have a listen for yourself, they are climbing the charts and getting a lot of college radio play which should warrant some merit.

The Capes - Super Girls
The Capes - Mexican Broads

Their debut album Hello is now available along with their ep, both on Hard Soul Records.


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