Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jolie Holland / Springtime Can Kill You

With my stomach full of tater tots being lazy doesnt seem like a bad idea. When I'm lazy I feel like listening to being lazy music. Folk, Blues and Jazz are good lazy genres. Luckly Jolie Holland combines all of those, her record label Anti- describes it good:
Holland’s songs rise and fall like heavy eyelids and convey the peace of that place between asleep and awake...

From Spring Time Can Kill You
Jolie Holland - Spring Time Can Kill You
Jolie Holland - Crazy Dreams

From Catalpa
Jolie Holland - Black Hand Blues
Jolie Holland - I wanna die

From Escondida
Jolie Holland - Old Fashion Morphine
Jolie Holland - Black Star

Ah to be young and full of tater tots....

Also from Anti-

Neko Case - Star Witness
Neko Case - Hold On Hold On
Neko Case - If You Knew
Neko Case - Train From Kansas City

Tom Waits - How Its Gonna End
Tom Waits - Another Mans Vine
Tom Waits - Alice
Tom Waits - Hold On

Elliott Smith - Twilight
Elliott Smith - Memory Lane


At 5:46 AM, April 28, 2006, Blogger Ekko said...

Nice post, other than the fact that it's "Tom Waits" not "Tom Wait". And that the saying is "Oh, to be young HOT and full of tater tots." ;->

At 4:16 PM, April 28, 2006, Blogger b said...

Thanks for the heads up, I was cutting and pasteing and forgot the s.

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