Thursday, November 02, 2006

Don't rock the boat

Last night I made my return to the net. I didn't hate my time away but I did hate right when I finally got back online and saw all that I missed. I pretty much gave up on trying to read everything I missed from my favorite blogs and magazines, I'm just going to act like time stopped in the middle of October and continued in the beginning of November.

So has anyone heard the new shins, of course you have and shame on you for downloading it before its release. I'm not saying I'm a saint but still shame on you and I. My anticipation to hear this album reached a high point right before I got booted off the net. Stream the Phantom Limb on The Shins myspace page. Order the single for less than $4! It will be available on the 21st but you can still pre-order at the Sub Pop store. I wish they would also release this on vinyl, I'd definitely order it.

As of now I have to go to the polls to cast my vote, I've held on to decide which candidate had a better chance to defeat Texas governor Rick Perry. Then their is Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst(R) who I have met before, he's very very likely going to win re-election against Democrat Maria Luisa Alvarado and Libertarian Judy Baker. David Dewhurst is a man who has plans to climb to the political top, as far high as the president from what I picked up hearing him speak of his political ambition. After hearing him talk to a small group of about 15-20 people, including me I have come to the conclusion that he is more of a robot than a man. I have never really had the opportunity to be there in person to hear politicians speak in a q&a type of session but damn was this guy well scripted and prepared. His entourage was there too to help him with answers. He was very much a politician, not giving definite answers, making sure not to rock the boat. After hearing him speak I decided to vote against him in every election until he has a worth while issue that I can support. To the polls.

I'm gonna do my best to post again today with some music.


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