Monday, August 13, 2007

Beat Konducta vs Oh No

Beat Konducta Vol 3-4: Beat Konducta in India is Madlibs newest instrumental album under the alias of Beat Konducta. In my opinion it is his most inspired Beat Konducta album. I just can't help but to wonder if Madlib just used this material for a new Madvillain album, what would the outcome be. I'm sure it would be something crazy, wild and one of many highlights of his career. The samples are great and as usual Madlib works his magic to bring it all together in to a cohesive album. If you enjoy hip hop instrumentals or some vintage Indian music this is definitely worth checking out.

Beat Konducta - Masala

Oh No, another Stones Throw records artist (and Madlibs younger brother) has an album that just recently dropped Dr. Oh No's Oxperiment and it is also an instrumental album. I've been enjoying his albums since he put out Disrupt, his first on Stones throw few years back. His new album is described as "an audio tour of Turkish, Lebanese, Greek & Italian psyche funk: chopped, flipped & ripped." Thats sounds about right. The album puts Oh No in a whole new terrain of music, the terrain of instrumental hip hop that his brother Madlib has championed many times over. The album is getting some much deserved hype and some great reviews but we have all known that the praise was well overdue.

Oh No - Action (rap version)

Who wins in the battle of the eastern Euasia sample heavy album: Madlib of course. I didn't really have to put much thought into it, that guy fucking owns.

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At 3:37 AM, February 14, 2008, Blogger Star Child said...

Yes, Beat Konducta India, is a very hot album. Some tracks start off, and I asking myself where is it going, but no need to doubt MaDLiB. The dude made something beautiful.

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