Thursday, September 23, 2004


I just finished my assignment for Sociology of Stratification (the separation of classes and people). It's actually a pretty interesting class. Like many sociology classes there is no one answer just a series of theories. Last week we read Marx's Communist Manifesto, this week I read about the undeserving poor and their functions and what they are to society. Like villains, scapegoats and even strike breakers. Very interesting class with a lot of thought not much memorization like many of my other classes. Thats why I like sociology, free thoughts, different theories contradicting each other and none of them the exact right one. Your own opinion guides you through theories and you form your own opinion of what is right or wrong. The whole class completely came down on the Marx’s communist manifesto and his downfalls last class. I agree with some of Marx’s thoughts but some seem impossible. Now I am off to class for 3hrs. Good upper level class for people who don't mind reading short articles and applying your own thoughts to them. You can never be wrong. Well maybe if you’re stupid. Stupid


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