Thursday, March 31, 2005


My favorite browser is down damn it. I'm on Netscape after Firefox failed me, it doesn't connect to anything. I'll be damned if I use IE, thats just a virus/spyware/adware/pop-up/lag waiting to happen. I'm not all mad about the product because I jacked with it myself its just how to fix it is what's concerning me now. I think the cause is that I installed all these extension I never would of used. It all started with me wanting to run an anonymizer with multiple proxys, easily switchable, which intern would show my IP as different everytime I veiwed rapidshare under each different proxy. Rapidshare only allows one download an hour and when an album is in two parts it's frustrating, with this I could of gotten by that problem. Firefox has this extension to switch proxys, I went to download that and I found so much that I didn't need so I started pilling them on and bam hours later, crash. I should of stuck to the way things were working. Me and my stupid proxy crap, I used to do this in middle school and I thought I was all bad ass but look where it got me now. Netscape how lame is this, at least I got firefox not to crash anymore.


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