Monday, April 04, 2005

Computer 14

All my school work is pilling up. Right now I'm in the COBA labs trying to record a stupid sounds for my homework assignment. It has to be your voice reading or saying something and so I decided that I would read a quote from a book quoting another book. My line;

" Filled with rapture, his soul yearned for freedom, space, vastness. Over him the heavenly dome, full of quiet, shining stars, hung boundlessly"


I hate saying that line over and over again here in the computer lab. I can't even come close to a whisper. I wanted to announce to everyone that I was mentally sane and that I'm just doing an assignment but I decided against it. I haven't even gotten a level that I can use. I think I might have to yell loud enough so the whole first floor could hear me from here to get a decent recording. I hate this class, easy concepts, difficult assignments especially when there is one due every class and this class there is a presentation and assignment due. The instructor is pretty lame too...and she wanted me to give her my web address, ha. How do I bitch about her class then?


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