Thursday, April 21, 2005

Minor Place

I've been listening to a lot of Slacker Jazz, the name surprisingly fits really good with the sound other than the incorporation of noise samples instead of horns. So now I'm walking around campus humming bass riffs. dododododo dooooo doo dooooooo doo do do do. Its better than me singing Baby Beluga, trying to figure out the first verse while walking to class and thinking that there is no one around then all of a sudden you hear a twig break and you look back and bam 10 feet away is someone walking behind you. I laughed it off but still felt like a retard. I was just having this flashback moment on the bus to class and remembered something from preschool and it was this song.

Okay, that was a moment of pointlessness. I followed a link to the Patton Oswalt blog and read a little, had a laugh or two, especially from his audio clips. His page is good for a few laughs but not as funny as Jim Gaffigans website. He's got a lot more video clips [including the time he hosted the late late show] and more stuff to read. He's going to be on Conan on May 4, so keep your eye out for that. Hot Pockets


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