Monday, August 01, 2005

Random Comp.

Late posts are coming to be more common because of my schedule, I used to be at the helm of my computer early on in the day but my schedule now has me waking up and out the door before I have a chance to think but then I'm back at night and usually up pretty late. Also I've been in kind of a mood lately (about a month) that I just want to go to the webpages that I visit daily and then just zone out and listen to or play music. I don't meander as much as I used to. Its cool though, I always try to update daily and I will always have a piece of space on the web, ever since 98? 97? with various incarnations.

The weekend was a wild one though, my roommate was moving out so we partied pretty hard. There was one point in the night that afterwards I don't remember anything...clearly. I don't know how I got to my bed but I woke up there. Also I think I got hit on the side of my head... or I slept with my head on the remote.

  • I found this compilation called The Best of Drea 2004-2005, Vol. 1 & 2 hosted on the MIT server. Together its 36 tracks for your listening pleasure with sexy results. I'm guessing you can thank someone named Drea for putting it together. Music
  • Also you might find something you like here
I spoil you guys.

I've been cracking into older Death Cab and Nada Surf anticipating both their releases.

Nada Surf - If You Leave [cover]


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