Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Heatmiser as many people know is Elliott Smiths band where he was co-singer/songwritter with Neil Gust. They broke up in 1996 after Elliott Smith put out two solo albums that were getting more attention than Heatmiser. Each member went on to form other bands including No. 2 and Quasi with Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss.

Heatmiser - Plaincloths man

Heatmiser - You Gotta Move

Rory Phillips and Gabe Hascall are Slowreader and former members of The Impossibles, both from Austin Texas. I used to listen to the Impossibles when I was 15-16? and thought it was the best thing ever. That and Weezer. This is a little different with more acoustic guitars and synths in the background.

Slowreader - Politics, Music and Drugs
Slowreader - Every Part Of Nothing

Remember the Rentals? Former Weezer bass guitarist Matt Sharps kinda solo thing. Another former love of mine. I'm pretty sure I have every song and every b-side if anyone is a fan/interested.

The Rentals - I must be wrong

Cursive - Radiator Hums
The Shins - So says i

Pit Er Pat - Underwater Wave Game


At 12:30 PM, July 15, 2006, Anonymous joebrogno said...

i found this page accidentally searching for the impossibles and slow reader lyrics.. you like some wonderful music my friend. the rentals, weezer, cursive, the shins.. all the stuff im hugely into. good times..


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