Thursday, July 21, 2005


Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump (Madlib Remix)
Beastie Boys - So Whatcha Want (Remix)
Beastie Boys - ChChCheck it out (Ay-J Remix)
Beastie Boys - Alive (and well Hoolak Remix)

MF Doom - Mm Leftovers [b-sides album]
MF Doom - Mm More Food [album]

Aesop Rock - No Regrets From the very excellent album Labor Days
Atmosphere - Clay From 1997's Overcast!, the debut Atmosphere album featuring two MC's, Slug and Spawn
Atmosphere - F--- You Lucy One of my favorite tracks from God Loves Ugly
Quasimoto - Greenery This song is by Madlibs alias Lord Quas aka Quasimoto. It has some nice production and as always most anything that Lord Quas does, the subject matter stays the same.

Soft Cell - Tainted Love
Few albums and songs in the is Index
Hot Hot Heat - Elevator [album]


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