Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Two Gallants

According to the newest members of the Saddle Creek Records roster;

Two gallants will head into [John Vanderslice's] Tiny Telephone in San Francisco this month to record their next record. we're happy to announce it will be released on Saddle Creek Records in both the US and Europe.

Two Gallants - Nothing To You

Go to their audio section of their webpage here for more music. If you want to save the song, after it loads click the down arrow on the right and click Save As Source.

mug-swinging sea shanty bluster and jailbreak urgency Two Gallants add to indie rock's newfound blues idolatry are purely original....Given Two Gallants' guitar and drums lineup and rustic blues-based repertoire, many might cry White Stripes as well. There are better analogies, though: More narrative than abstract, Adam Stephenson's lyrics are closer to Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter's romantic Old West allegories, luckless sagas of trains and booze and double-crossing lovers. Meanwhile, Tyson Vogel's shifting thoroughbred pulse on drums is less Meg White then Patrick Carney of The Black Keys.
--pitchfork 8.5 [for their debut]


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