Sunday, December 25, 2005

Shooting John

I haven't gotten my internet working yet and I'm probably going to give up since I'm moving out this week and the effort is not worth the outcome. I've been pretty much out of the loop in the blog world but the time without internet gave me a chance to listen to songs before they get over shadowed by others. Which happens a lot, I'm addicted to downloading music.

I got emailed a song by a band called Shooting John from Sweden. They are on Marilyn Records and the song is a b-side called Drunk and astray off the single Beggars. I like this song soley based on that the song fits perfect with the mild winter outside.

Shooting John - Drunk and Astray

Here they are on myspace


American Analog Set - Green Green Grass (demo)
Dead Science - Drrrty Magneto
Jenny Lewis w/ The Watson Twins - Mlet Your Heart


At 12:29 AM, December 28, 2005, Anonymous billyG said...

Jenny Lewis' beautiful solo debut is currently available for pre-order at Insound.


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