Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Explosions In The Sky drops a bonus

Explosions in the Sky has a new album coming out a week from today (Feb 20th) titled All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone which I believe I had mentioned last year. They are kicking of a tour next week and don't make it to my neck of the woods till April but its worth marking on my calendar as soon as I put it on the wall. Some versions of the album will come with a bonus cd which has remixes of every some from various artists (Jesu, Mountains, Adem, Four Tet, Eluvium, and the Paper Chase). My favorite remix you ask, the Four Tet remix of course but I do think I like the original better. The other are not bad at all though.

Explosions In The Sky - Catastrophe And The Cure (Four Tet Mix)


I've been viewing this clip for couple of weeks, its one of my favorite videos on youtube. Its already been viewed 10k+ times but just in case you haven't seen it here is a "Japanese Mob Scare Prank". It has staying power, it still makes me laugh even though I've seen it many times already.

Japanese Mob Scare Prank


At 5:38 PM, February 18, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Paper Chase put on an incredible live performance. You should check them out when you can.

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