Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Missed opportunity

I don't keep up with the online music scene as much as I used to, the weird thing is that I doubt I really missed anything. I keep up with the important stuff and I'll read a review or two daily but my daily reads have been cut down dramatically to just a handful of sites.

I wanted to see Mobius Band last night at the Granada with Matthew Dear but I had too many things to do last night, if they were to headliners or played an hour later I would of most definitely been there. The new album, Heaven, rocks.

Mobius Band - Friends Like These
Mobius Band - Hallie

Of course the big release this week is the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows in glorious 160kbps. The site was pretty bogged down earlier but it looks freed up now. I ended up getting it elsewhere but I still plan of downloading from there and I might get that physical release if the packaging is worthwhile which more that likely it will be. They did win a Grammy for the Amnesiac packaging.

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