Monday, April 25, 2005

Make Believe

Weezers new album was leaked this past Saturday and I got a hold of it today. Some parts are better than others. Its over produced, you can tell that from the first track/first single Beverly Hills. It sounds like a glossy 80s album at some spots. That whole time I was listening to it I thought that it seemed more designed to appeal to the top 40 sound, maybe to push more albums. Some of it is not bad but Rivers, the lead singer doesn't seem to believe in Make Believe. In the new Rolling Stone he said he signed a contract with his record label to only support this album just for one year then he's through with it. You can't ever tell with that crazy weirdo Rivers, sometimes I wish he would just not give anyone his opinion or comments anymore.

I think this new album has the worst song that he ever wrote called We are all on drugs. The lameness of the song starts to come to realization on the first listen when he says give it to me right before the chorus. Its worth a listen, it has some good tracks here and there. From what I heard on the last two Weezer albums there was about 3 good tracks and the rest was filler, this one seems like it has only three good tracks. At least Rivers gives us consistently on that. One track sounds the close to a track that you might hear on one of the first two album, not as catchy but you can hear it.

I'd give it a 47 out of 100


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