Saturday, April 23, 2005


I hate these early games. You can't really drink and watch...well you can but it doesn't feel right when its early and you're by yourself. Anyway the Dallas Mavs and the Houston Rockets are playing game 1 of the 7, the first game of the playoffs for both teams. I think I'll just get ahead of myself and mention that the Mavericks lost game 1, it hasn't happened yet but I'm pretty sure thats the soon to be outcome. We had a nice come back after being down my 13, then that went away.

Yesterday was weird, not bad weird just weird. Went to a small party at someones house but it was lame. Then about 25 drunk people from the party went to IHOP then a shack in the middle of nowhere full of cow chips. Might I mention it was haunted. It was funny though, 7 cars and I was the one person with a flashlight. That thing comes in handy more than you'd think. There is something about drunk people and going out to the middle of no where after a couple of drinks.


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