Friday, April 22, 2005

Worlds Apart

Whiskey and Basketball don't mix too well, atleast in my stomach. I felt it sloshing around as I was playing and eventually winning. After the victory I sat down for bit and all was better.

I woke up today after sleeping 4 hours and revised a paper I wrote yesterday and went to class. I was walking out the door and Jason was asleep on the couch using a bean bag as a blanket. Few hours of sleep, booze, people passed out around the apartment and the apartment being trashed; the signs point towards the weekend approaching.

I had this nice post all typed out but netscape crashed. I'd have to blame the trail of dead for this one. Well the band, I was streaming there music video and it crashed. I summarized what I wrote. The the trail of dead have a new website layout which looks pretty rad with the flash animation and all, the old one was looking pretty archaic. The new album is growing on me, I just had really high hopes after the last album so I judged it quickly as a dud. There are some great tracks on Worlds Apart, just not as many as Source, Tags and Codes.

Check out Mr. T doing a little rap while wearing cool shorts.

"The Interscope marketing department thought long and hard and came up with...Trail of Dead plastic figure?"


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