Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I hate Tuesdays, almost as much as Monday but more than Wednesdays. No real good reason for my disapproval of Tuesdays, maybe just because they're always so uneventful. The most excitment I had today was when I got in a verbal back and forth with a guy who almost ran me over while crossing the street. It was pretty funny actually because he reversed about 40 feet on a one way street to have a word with me. To bad he didn't know I keeps it reals.

I found couple of Tullycraft tunes, I think someone asked about them a few months back after I posted a song on here but couldn't find any others. But they did come out with a new record and are doing promotion for it including radio station performances. Get your sugary sweet indie-pop/twee fix on.

Tullycraft - Rumble with the gang Debs (live)
Tullycraft - Stowaway (live)
Tullycraft - Interview

Not so live;
Tullycraft - Rumble with the gang Debs
Tullycraft - Twee

I was going to throw in an Aesop Rock B-side but how does that fit into a indie-pop post? Tomorrow, Nightlight/Daylight.


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