Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Young People

Since I finally found my Magnetic Fields Box set I've been listening to it in the background non-stop. I never really got into i but I think I need to give it another chance because I've never heard a Magnetic Fields album that I haven't gotten into.

Here's an nice live cover of the song by KoC.
The original classic
While looking for the Magnetic Fields song I found Bright Black, they have a lazy lazy folkish sound. Its porch sittin' music. Definitely

If Bright Black were more experimental, more rock and had a female lead singer I would think they would sounds similar to Young People, the band not the demographic.

A fascinating mix of rock, country, and avant-garde, the trio known as Young People formed in early 2001, when vocalist Katie Eastburn, guitarist Jeff Rosenburg, and drummer Jarrett Silberman began playing together in hopes of forming a country band and ended up forging together traditional American music with the freeform sensibilities of underground rock. - AMG


At 8:24 AM, September 28, 2005, Anonymous Audra the jew said...

Brightblack is amazing! I went through an obsessive period w/ them and a few of the other similar favorites were bosque brown, Radar Bros.,Dolorean, Son Volt, peggy honeywell, etc. Oh yeah, and at the end of BtS they covered While my guitar gently weeps and apparantly the last time they played here it was Freebird. Adios Amigo

At 9:02 AM, September 28, 2005, Anonymous think-tank said...

yea i have a them doing an amazing cover of Neil Youngs Cortez the Killer


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