Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My plate

I just finished making my Halloween mix cd, something I've done for about 5 years around Halloween time. I thought I'd offer up some of my favorites and essentials. On top of that I've only posted 2x this month, thats insane. Lately I've had a lot on my plate but on the up side it looks like my efforts are paying off.

Nada Surf - See these bones
I just like this track and the anticipation for the new Nada Surf factors in.

Flaming Lips - Halloween on the Barbary Coast
This song is a reoccurring track on my Halloween mixes.

Starlight Mints - Pumpkin
This was just random, didn't include it in the mix just saw it and thought why not.

John Vanderslice - Lifeboat
This is the perfect soundtrack to a haunted house, everyone loves the mood it creates.

I have a lively night planned and I'm sure this will get me and perhaps you, by.

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