Thursday, May 05, 2005


I woke up nice and early today and looked over my proposal and made some changes right before turning it in. It was only 5 pages but those 5 pages involved so much research and thought. 10 hours of research and thought. I clocked in at 8:07 pm and clocked out ant 6:20 am. I did take it easy the first few hours and actually went to the grocery store for some tea but that was just 15 minutes. I had to get the tea when I sat down and realized how much work the proposal actually was. It caught me off guard. I figured about 3-4 hours tops and damn did I underestimate that one. On a plus side it gave me an opportunity to listen to 7 or so albums and various songs. After all that work I threw all my stuff off my bed and jumped in to get the few hours of sleep I could before class and then all of sudden I looked at the clock and I had been laying there for about 45 minutes. I hate when that happens. So after the 2 and a half hours of sleep I sit here typing this. I should go to sleep but I know me better than that. Once I hit the pillow I'm not going to be up for a long time and I need to get some stuff done before that. Plus the Mavs are playing tonight and I've slept through that before.

Before I forget, tomorrow is our 5th? [should I include JL, he kind of deflated on us] roommate Milk's birthday. He's turning one. He was first created out of pure accident but afterwards we encouraged him with some additional spoiled foods and left him outside for a good 10 months. Oh the times we've had. Too bad we don't have any enemies, he would be used very nicely if we did. Still can.

Here's a nice Indie mix with the likes of Radiohead, Enon, Four Tet, A Tribe Called Quest, Tom Waits and some other nice fellows.



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