Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Slip

I have a big research proposal due tomorrow and I haven't started on it but I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it on Social Security or Universal Healthcare. I like writing papers without a clue of what direction I'm going. My favorite thing to do when I get stuck is to write one random word that might lead to a sentence which will ultimately lead into a paragraph. I need to take things more seriously and plan out papers but if I keep on getting good grades for work that's not my all why try harder?

This Austin trio draws on elements of acid, kraut, arena, punk, and new wave, as well as the darker reaches of nickel theater sideshows. It's a case study in mental instability and social dysfunction. Single Frame explores amalgamations of gritty analog and lucid digital, driving bass drums and volatile rhythms, rational grand piano and deranged fuzz guitar, resonant synthesizer and chaotic chant, delicate tension and soothing resolution

Single Frame - The slip

Single Frame - post daydream forecast endeavor

Single Frame - Mod Style 68

From the new Single Frame album, Body/End/Basement;

Single Frame - Digital Witness

Single Frame - Exact Copy of This in The Basement

Single Frame is always on tour and are on tour right now, stopping by my hood [Denton/Dallas/Ft. Worth] for what it seems like every other month. I guess because they're from Austin. I saw them a while back when they came by Rubber Gloves in Denton for $6.

Also here's an original version of a Title & Registration;

Death Cab For Cutie - Title And Registration [original version]


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