Friday, June 02, 2006

Louis Logic / Misery Loves Comedy

I've been battling this very mild cold for the past couple of days. I was at a hotel where the A/C unit was blowning right at my face all night. That's all it took, I wash my hands more than anyone I know, I avoid people who are sick but alas it got me. So here is my battle plan: Orange Juice, Raspberry Green Tea and Mega dose on Vitamin C. Any other recommendations?

NYC's Louis Logic, formerly of the Demigodz drops his newest album with his producer J.J. Brown called Misery Loves Comedy. Actually this album is the first of their collaboration credited to Louis Logic & J.J. Brown. The album features no cameos by other rappers and JJ Brown producing on all the tracks. I think Atmosphere when I listen to Louis Logic, with his lyrical content and his delivery.

Louis Logic & J.J. Brown - Captain Lou El Wino
Logic & J.J. Brown - Morning After Pill

The new Clipse, We Got the Remix is pretty hot right now, I'll probably write few words on that as soon as I get through the 28 tracks. I'm a fan of the previous, We Got it for Cheap vol. 2 but when are these guys gonna put out a real new release.


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