Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hip Hop Mix

I haven't been giving hip hop much attention lately so I thought I might just create a mix cd to mend this, the theme: my favorite hip hop tracks from 2006. I wanted to do this early in July but it just slipped my mind, better late than never. I have to make a note that the majority of hip hop that I listen to would be considered indie hip hop but I'm not 100% sure what that means but I have an idea. A link to the download the whole thing in one swoop at the bottom.

-(7L & Esoteric - Perfect Person)The 80s vibe rides strong throughout the album, this track is one of my favorite moments.

-(7L & Esoteric - dunks are live dunks are dead [think-tank edit]) I found gold at the end of this track, I edited out the half of it just to pull this one moment.

-(Aceyalone - Everything Changes) I like MCs that tell stories, it keeps me interested in the track till the end. The production doesn't hurt either, the piano loop caught my attention at first listen.

(Aceyalone - Disconnected) For me this is where RJD2 and Aceyalone find a common ground. This one track is how I thought the whole album would sound like before I heard it.

(Busta Rhymes feat Eminem - I'll Hurt You) This is a b-side from Busta Rhymes' album Big Bang. I'm going to come clean and straight up just say it, I only like the instrumental portion, I could careless of whats being said. The flow is just immitating the strings and why not, its great production.

(Clipse - Mr. Mee Too) I'm a Clipse fan so why wouldn't I like this.

-(Dangerdoom - Korn dogs) This is essential Doom, I'm guessing they recorded this after the Mouse and the Mask because I can't figure out how this wouldn't make the album.

(Ghostface Killah - Be Easy) This is such a party track and my favorite from Fishscales. I always thought this would be a bigger top 40er.

(J. Dilla - Last Donut of the Night) This is more hip hop production but its hip hop. I was debating between this and Stepson of the Clapper but thats mostly just a good beat.

-(Louis Logic & J.J. Brown - Captain Lou El Wino) This track just wakes me up in the morning and makes me laugh too.

-(MF Doom - Vomit) You should always expect MF Doom in any favorites list by me when he has a release during said period. I like that creepy horror movie sample, I always skipped over this track when it was vomitspit.

(Soul Position - Hand-Me-Downs) This album is one of my top hip hop albums of the year, I'm a fan of Blueprint and his lyrical style. Of course there is RJD2. I like what the song is about.

-(Soul Position - I need my minutes) How could anyone not appreciate this song about preserving cell phone minutes. I needed my minutes, back off of my minutes bitch, raise up off my minutes. There are so many lines I can quote.

(Spank Rock - Backyard Betty) Ass-shaking competition champ, what else is there to say.

-(The Coup - My Favorite Mutiny) In a perfect world this song would be blowing up on the charts, there would be video on MTV maybe a performance or two on late night television then in couple of months, played in pro sporting events. I can see the Dallas Mavericks coming out of the lockers, starters being annouced with this song playing.

(The Streets - When You Wasn't Famous) When you wasn't famous you made better music but this will do.

-(Dabrye - Machines Pt. I) While this is probably not the best track on Dabryes newest album this is the song I always think of when I think of the album, also it seems like a nice closer to a mix.

75:09 mins /93.5mb
Burn, listen and enjoy



At 7:42 AM, August 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Could you please post a complete version of the MF Doom 'Vomit' track (the version already posted gets cut-off) - it's really good. Thanks

At 6:26 PM, August 05, 2006, Blogger b said...

The track should be 2:53, it might sound like a cut off at the end but thats how it ends. I'm sure of this because the instrumental version and leftovers version ends the same way. Thanks for stopping by.

At 3:58 AM, August 06, 2006, Blogger Kevin said...

That's a NICE mix buddy, what software you using to mix the tunes? I like using fruityloops.

At 4:30 AM, August 06, 2006, Blogger b said...

I don't per say, mix them in a dj sense. I just pick my favs and make a comp of it. I do use fruity loops though for my own projects, nothing I post on here though. I'm still trying to learn the ropes on this progam. Send me some of your stuff via email if you would like. Maybe we can exchange some ideas.

At 4:12 PM, September 10, 2006, Blogger Samantha said...

Is there anyway to have you post the I'll Hurt You track by Busta?

At 5:33 PM, September 10, 2006, Blogger b said...


busta - I'll hurt you

At 11:54 AM, October 19, 2007, Blogger Mike said...

this shit is good. thanks.


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