Friday, January 25, 2008

Come outside

Here is what I have been up to (other than keeping indoors with the weather being in the 30s all day today in Dallas): I reformatted my computer and reinstalled everything, started moving into another house the next city over and getting two of my guitars in working condition (still waiting on parts in the mail).

I'm very optimistic about the current year in music. For the first quarter of the year the outlook is very good and here is why:

Why? - Alopecia
Finally the follow up to Elephant Eyelash, very rewarding album so far.

Stephen Malkmus - Real Emotional Trash
This album has some great moments but it still ranks at the bottom of the SM solo album list. There are those moments though... those moments.

Destroyer - Trouble In Dreams
Pretty good as usual from Bejar

Chris Walla - Field Manual
Hey looks like this is really coming out. Still haven't formed a complete opinion on this album but of course its going to be wonderfully produced.

Then there are those wild cards that surprise you, those are the best.

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