Monday, May 30, 2005


Check out this Mega Man flash game from Jokaroo. They have other craziness too.

TYM posted a cool link about Merriam-Websters: Favorite Word (That's Not in the Dictionary)? Also Yahoo News has a blurb about it with explanation of how it was compiled.

Chillax...always a classic. Featuring other words such as confuzzled, gription and snirt .

Also bet on the Michael Jackson's trial outcome.

Four tracks from two great albums;

Rilo Kiley - My Slumbering Heart Great vocals and I like the guitar work of Blake Sennet on this song, very nice. From The Execution of All Things on Saddle Creek

Rilo Kiley - The Good
One of the first tracks I heard by Rilo Kiley, one of my favorites off of the same album, The Execution of All Things.

Stephen Malkmus - Pencil Rot. First track from Stephen Malkmus' new album Face the Truth on Matador Records. Layered in synth and containing the usual great songwritting.

Stephen Malkmus - Freeze the Saints
Nice slower track from Face the Truth, also one of the better tracks from the album.


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