Friday, May 20, 2005


My internet is going on and off so this post took some more effort. The Mavs are half way through winning game 6 to tie the series, hopefully they can keep this up for the second half. Heres some music for the weekend.

Spoon - Everything hits at once One of my favorites off of Spoons Girls Can Tell

Iron and Wine - Lions Mane Sam Beam is Iron and Wine and this is a track from his debut on Sub Pop Records.

Ted Leo - Ghosts Great track Ted Leo.

Pavement - Shady Lane This one is a classic.

Minus Story - Joyless Joyless Really good track from Minus Story. LISTEN!

Minus Story - time wastes itself This is from there new EP on Jagjaguwar.

The Robot Ate Me - Bad Feeling Great song from their album on Kill Rock Stars

Doug Martsch - Offer
Great track for Built to spills frontman. I can't wait till the new BTS. By the way, his solo album is really good.

Quasi - All The Same Great track from their Up Records release.


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