Monday, May 16, 2005

Ferocious Mopes

Saturday me and the guys went out and threw the frisbee and tossed/punted the football around in the sports field on campus. Few hours later after few beers we went out to the basketball court and played horse and then I got into an intense game of 21 with Ryan. I haven't been able to play sports like that since I had my knee surgery but May marks 9 months and I think I was told I can get back to basketball and tennis this month. I'm not sure though but I am sure I missed my appointment this month that was suppose to give me the thumbs up to do so. Anyway I'm going to incorporate my bike into the summer routine and maybe start riding to class.

Mavs won! The series is at 2-2....Game 5: Mavs @ Suns, Wednesday the 18th.

Todays tunes have more of an electronic music influence some just a touch, some more.

Album Leaf - We Once Were (Two)

From Album Leafs debut album An Orchestrated Rise To Fall on Music Fellowship.

Album Leaf - Airplane From the same album, another instrumental track by Jimmy LaValle aka Album Leaf.

Album Leaf - On Your Way This track is from the newest album In A Safe Place. Better production quality than the debut.

Album Leaf - Over the Pond Also from his latest IDM producton on Sub Pop, one of my favorite indie labels.

Her Space Holiday - My girlfriends boyfriend Another one man band headed by Marc Bianchi aka Her Space Holiday.

13 & god - men of station Notwist and Themselves team up to make 13&God, released on Anticon

The Notwist - One with the Freaks Speaking of Notwist, heres a song from their excellent Neon Golden.

Figurine - IMpossible This is a cool track featuring Dntel who is also half of Postal Service. Out on March records. The group is a trio and they all adopt the same last name of Figurine.

Figurine - So Futuristic Another track from these synth rockers. Both tracks from their album The Heartfelt which was recently re-released. I remember trying to get this CD and having a hard time few years back but since Postal Services sucess this isn't so hard to find.

Say Hi To Your Mom - Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks Despite the lame name Say Hi To Your Mom makes great poppy sing-a-longable rock music. You can hear one of their songs in the background on an MTV commercial about one of their tv shows.

Say Hi To Your Mom - Lets talk about spaceships Another track from the same album Numbers & Mumbles released in 2004. They have a new album coming out in June called Ferocious Mopes and some songs to download from that album among others on their website

Don't forget to buy any of these artist albums if you liked what you heard.


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