Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pistol Whip

Last night I was laying in bed not a sleep but kind of half way there and I hear this familiar voice on a music video on MTV. I look up and try to figure out the voice and then I settled on Cedric from At the Drive-in. It ended up being Mars Volta but I was close enough. Cool video though, I don't think I will be seeing it a lot unless I watch again at 4am. Its at Launch, the song was The Widow from Frances the Mute.

Speaking of videos, check out some ifilm clips.

Styling with Mr. T (1984)
Mr. T gives some fashion tips to impressionable teenagers.

Here is a preview of the The Colbert Report

Lot more stuff if you browse at

I saw the Eels last night on the painful Late Late Show with Carson Daly. The performance wasn't painful though. The rest of the week looks like this;

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - Spoon [Thu. 05/12/05]

Late Show With David Letterman - Hot Hot Heat [Thu. 05/19/05]

Jimmy Kimmel Live - The Dears [Fri. 05/20/05]

I'm pretty much looking forward to Spoon tomorrow and the other guys if I remember. I hope I'm not missing anything


Weezer, Pinkerton My favorite album when I was in High School. I still like it a lot

James Brown - Sex Machine Classy song that never gets old.

Rick James - Superfreak Another oldy but goody.

Sugar Hill Gang - The Message Hip Hop

Rare Grooves Mix I got the above three songs from this mix so its pretty much that style.

Classic Rock Index This index contains some Beatles, beach boys and some other talented artists.

Sparta - Cut Your Ribbon I don't know why Mars Volta gets all the hype, I think Sparta makes some great songs that are hype worthy but alas I can't control the world yet.

Sparta - Breaking the Broken Here is a track from their newest album.

ATDI/[2000-12-07]Electric Ballroom, UK Speaking of Mars Volta and Sparta, here's a nice live At the Drive-In show.

More At the Drive-In and Mars Volta audios and videos

My Favorite hip hop label Stones Throw has a nice site with lots of good artists and they give me a heads up on new releases.


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