Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sock with a hole

Well the Mavs lost but I thought that would happen seeing how good the Suns are but the Mavs still have more push in them and the next few games will give them an opportunity to prove themselves.

I sold 3 books in the campus bookstore today that I bought for probably $200+ dollars and got $91 back and kept 2 that they wouldn't take. They guy even tried to scam me out of $10 but I called him on it, actually I think he was just over worked. One of the books alone was $160ish and I got $38.50 for that. Atleast it wasn't like last semester when they didn't take any books and I was anticipating that cash. I don't even buy all the books every semester, as a matter of fact this semester I bought 4 out of the 8 I needed and only used 2. As soon as I graduate I'm opening a campus bookstore and I'm going to take money from unsuspecting college students. This seems like a gold mine, they need the books for the classes so I can charge crazy amounts like the other stores and within a semester I'm rolling in the millions. I just need someone to finance my store. Oh yea and a store.

I got more soul that a sock with a hole

William Schaff

Put this in your ear.

The Faint - Agenda Suicide [Adult Remix] I like this song and the remix is not to shabby.

Lots of Stuff by The Notwist, they put out some good stuff.

Dismemberment Plan - Time Bomb I got to see them live before they broke up. Oh yea there was some no name band called Death Cab For Cutie also playing that show.

Dismemberment Plan - What do you want me to say

Dismemberment Plan - The City One of my favorites by the Dismemeberment Plan

Ben Kweller - I need you back Great song with great hooks

Ben Kweller - On My Way
This is a nice little acoustic song.

Ben Kweller - Wasted & Ready This was on the radio around these parts where he was born and raised.

Atmosphere - Trying To Find A Balance From the new album Seven Travels by Ant and Slug on Epitaph. Its about a guy named Seven and his travels hence the name.

Atmosphere - Like Today Indie Hip Hop

Atmosphere - Always coming back home to you

Wrens - Everyone Choose Sides Under rated.

Few tunes here


At 1:33 AM, May 11, 2005, Blogger darwin said...

Why do you post so many songs in a single post?

Do you think that maybe it might anger the people who own the music you're posting? Seems like it might be advisable to keep the total number of songs posted down a bit..

Just a suggestion!



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