Friday, May 06, 2005

Thursdays are always the best

Last night we had a nice time hanging out. We had choreographed team basketball plays. Everyone involved for just one shot. It involved some rolls, throws and shots. The feeling of beer rolling around in my stomach wasn't pleasant so Joe took over and I went on the keys and did the background music. The basketball soon turned into dance 360 but a lamer version of it, if thats possible. I had a nice beat and some synth going with it while the guys showed off what they had. That all collapsed into everyone trying to do the worm and me playing We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel.

The police in this town are pretty nice and are very leanient with college students from my experiences. So when one of them found us in the middle of nowhere, parked on some street in the back roads in the middle of the woods he was pretty cool. Jason had fallen into the creek so half of him was soak and all of a sudden I see a car speeding really fast towards us, I yell get in car as I have done numerous times but this time he had a spot light, then police lights. He did the ID check thing and then left, didn't even ask us to leave.


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