Friday, May 13, 2005


School is finally done for the semester and I am free till summer school starts in two days. Yay. I had an exam today, my last and I had a headache throughout it. I was the only one with a final exam so everyone was drinking and I couldn't say no especially when theres a keg of free beer to drink till the cops come by and get pissed off because no one answers the door when they knock. Heres the trick, knock on the door, hide towards the side so the people living there don't know the cops are there. They answer, you storm in. This has happen before and I spotted them far away and threw out a warning so it didn't work this time. They were so mad that we knew it was them they just told everyone who didn't live there to leave so they can handle the situation. Its like a game of cat and mouse. Police tactics/trick make me laugh.

Arggg the Mavs lots tonight. The series is 2-1

Todays tunes are more rocking and have an unintentional theme of bands that broke up other than AC Newman.

Refused - New Noise
Here is a hardcore/punk track from a great album on Epitaph, their last real album before they broke up.

Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come
Another track from the same album.

Slowreader - Every Part Of Nothing I post a lot of Texas bands on here and here's another from Gabe and Rory from the now defunct Impossibles. They only have this one album but it has some quality tracks worth checking out. Kind of electro-acoustic.

Despistado - A Stirsticks PredictionThe intro to this song was on a cell phone commercial but it doesn't sound like the rest of the song. They put out one EP and an album. Before the album came out they broke up.

The Promise Ring - Deep South Promise Ring were indie kings back in the day, atleast in my head when I was in high school.

AC Newman - Miracle Drug
AC Newman of the New Pornographers solo effort is pretty good. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten more recognition for this album.

AC Newman - Drink to me babe, then Another track from the same album on Matador records.

Hot Hot Heat - Get In or Get Out My favorite track from these Canadians. This is from their album on Sub Pop.

Anniversay - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter These Kansas rockers broke up few years back but they put out some quality material when they were around, This is from their debut, an album full of synth power pop greatness.

Anniversary - All things ordinary Another track from their debut album. Two songwriters, and three voices.


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