Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Thats what chemicals can do

Seeing how Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith is coming out tomorrow, Enterntainment Weekly has compiled and rated Samuel L. Jackson's 10 best movie deaths here. Also this too.

This is hilarious, the Pat O'Brien Soundboard. If you've been following this story Pat O'Brien checked into rehab recently and was talking to Dr Phil about his problems. Here is a sound board of a phone call he made to a co-worker while he was drunk. I think this phone call started it all.

The 50 worst hairstyles ever by Phat Phree. I like how Steve Nash is 48. Mavs lost game 5. The series is at 3-2..

Oh yea here are some tunes

Also Fiona Apple's third album, Extraordinary Machine, has been shelved by Sony for a lack of commercial appeal. It won't be released but it's all over the net.

Other than that school is going well other than the boredom I face everyday in a 4 hour class that can be taught in less than one hour. I need to start teaching college. Its all about efficency.


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