Wednesday, May 18, 2005


The ladys in music don't get enough recognition, atleast the ones that write great song not just sing something that was given to them by a producer. Someday I will have the cash to get a decent record player but till then I collect LPs that I think should be owned on vinyl and Mirahs [Mee-rah] Advisory Committee is one of the LPs that I purchased few years back after the first few listens. I haven't listened to this album in a while and I just stumbled on it in my collection and remembered how great this album is. Mirahs 2nd album on K records is an album that I think hasn't recieved the recognition that it deserves. I remember saying that this album was my favorite female artists album. I'm not sure now, but the fact that I am stuck on figuring this out should say much. It was produced by long time collaborator Phil Elvrum of the Microphones and Mount Eerie. Don't get me started on the Microphones because the Microphones is the sole reason I even thought about listening to Mirah.

Here are the factors that inspired me to do a Mirah post

1] Britney Spears' new reality tv show debuting Tuesday
2] Mount Eerie interest being rekindled
3] K records being a great record label
4] Advisory Committee, C'mon Miracle
5] Beer

The problem with music is that its androcentric and females don't get a fair representation. So when one gets past all that bias it usualy turns out to be really good music other than [fill in the blank], of course. Its so frustrating how I can't find the right words to put together to describe her songwriting other than comparisons. Its kind of folky but not, kind of rock but not really, kind of indie but what does that mean. Okay here it is, This album is a songwriters album, a rock inspired album which has all the qualities that should be of a grammy winner. The sound doesn't get stale, it changes with each track, each with its own texture. The title of her debut captures her music style,
You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This

I think that with each track here to download, there is something that would appeal to everyone;

Mirah - Cold Cold Water Folky track

Mirah - Advisory Committee Track title the same as the album

Mirah - Apples in the Trees More rocking number

Mirah - Recommendation More pop number, this will probably appeal to people who don't listen to indie and those who do

Mirah - Jerusalem From the newest album

All her albums can be purchase at K records


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