Thursday, May 26, 2005

Late Night Rant

The British House of Commons is pretty interesting to watch compared to the US Congress. I'm watching right now on C-SPAN and there are people laughing, talking and arguing. I love this, a guy stands up randomly and states his subject and either you here multiple "yeas" or boo's. It's like a formalized debate with a layed back atmosphere. The US congress is so dry and boring to watch, I never keep it on there for more than a minute but this with all the laughter is more entertaining. I would watch more of it but it doesn't pertain to me...much.

Sometimes I get really frustrated with people, I just feel like gathering all my things and leaving without saying anything to anyone but I think everyone feels that way somedays. I don't even have a good reason.

Till tomorrows post,
Nap strong


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