Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wednesdays forecast

New Foo Fighters leaked, I'm on this Atmosphere trip right now so I'll have to comment in a few after I get hip hop out of my system. I'm sure its the usual Foo Fighters album of some good singles and the rest is unappealing but thats just me. Also I'm getting the new Common album I'm not familiar with him but I hear good things so I must investigate.

Has anyone heard this weird Sparta/Mars Volta news; the Guitarist left Sparta and joined Mars Volta. They should just tour together, share members and get it over with. Maybe even form a band, they can even call it At the Drive-in?

Devendra Banhart - Dogs They Make up the Dark Freak Folk? Waaa?

Pavement - Speak See Remember This was always one of my favorite songs off of Pavements last album Terror Twilight.

White Stripes - Blue Orchid New single from White Stripes from Stand Behind Me Satan, someone requested this but I'm sure his internet is still down but I still got his back.

The Decemeberists - July, July! Nice little upbeat number from their debut, makes me want to tap my foot in a rhythmic fashion and perhaps a head nod or two.
Four new Transplants songsHaven't tested this out but I'm sure it works They appear to be demos from the album thats about to come out, a 4 song sample.

Radiohead - Creep Why not?

Led Zeppelin 4 cd Box Set Zeppelin need not an introduction. Also a Leann Rimes album in the folder, what a mix. When I first saw this I pictured me having drinks with Led Zepplin and Leann Rimes and what would conspire. Here's the short version; Leann Rimes talking about her hair, Led Zepplin staring at her in angered silence and me singing "And she's buying a stairway to heaven, uh huh huh" in a Billy Madison shampoo vs Conditioner voice drunk off of wine. Irrelevant, yes...just download the music.


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